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It all started one day when we were casually talking about starting a podcast to share the Dharma with more people and to provide a younger voice in the Buddhist community. The conversation ended that afternoon, but the thought never left our minds. A few months later, we discussed it some more and decided to go forward with it as a way to both reach out to young adults interested in Buddhism as well as allow them to participate in and contribute to a Buddhist space online.

We are deeply grateful for all of the assistance we’ve received in the process of bringing this project to fruition. And so, we would like to dedicate this podcast to the amazing Buddhist teachers who inspired us, the temples that raised and trained us, the many behind-the-scenes contributors who helped design our logo and secure our website, and to all of you—our beloved audience.

We hope you enjoy BuddhaPod, and we look forward to sharing a new episode every Friday. Currently, BuddhaPod is a one-person project focusing on the role and experiences of being a layperson.

If you would like us to cover a certain topic, please drop us a line at

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