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Episode 2: The Buddha, part 1

The central figure of Buddhism is the Buddha, but what does it mean to be the Buddha? Let’s get to know the Buddha as more than just a statue and learn about his life. Upon doing so, we find that our lives aren’t too different from the Buddha’s…



Links to resources referenced in the podcast:

  • The Biography of Sakyamuni Buddha by Ven. Master Hsing Yun and translated by Alex Wong is a book that tells the story of the Buddha according to the Chinese Mahayana tradition, covering the entire tale starting from the Buddha’s birth up until his passing into final nirvana.
  • For further reading on the Buddha’s life, take a look at Buddhacarita: In Praise of the Buddha’s Acts, which was written by the 1st Century monk Asvaghosa and translated into English by Prof. Charles Willemen.
  • These two articles by the New York Times talk about the illusion of upward mobility in the United States. (1 and 2)

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