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Episode 7: Voting as a Buddhist

Hi there! It’s been a while!

Catherine and I have been really busy with school, work, and all sorts of temple happenings, so we are grateful for your patience with our episode frequency.

This time, we’ve come out of hibernation to talk about the importance of voting. In Buddhism, it might seem like we are focusing inward, and that can often be misinterpreted as we should avoid any sort of interaction with the external world. However, being members of the society that we live in and can never be separated from, we must fulfill our role and engage with society. This is exemplified in the practice of a bodhisattva, but it is also a living reality for all of us.


So, to keep this introduction brief, please go out and vote.
Vote with compassion, and vote with wisdom.

Vote with the intention to benefit all sentient beings,
Vote with sincerity, with love, and with equanimity.

Transform this Defiled World
Into the Buddha’s Pure Land
One action at a time.

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